Mobile Apps – What Could They Do For Your Business?

Mobile Apps – What Could They Do For Your Business

Like people say, there’s an app for everything – including your business, potentially. Apps are literally at our fingertips and are an excellent commodity for businesses to employ (if viable for their product or service). Additionally, with many consumers relying on their mobile phones for communicating, networking, finance management and product purchases, an app is a simple way to effectively engage with your consumers right from the palm of their hand.

A mobile app is a portal your customers will use to access your business without needing to circumnavigate around to your website. Instead, it’s a direct avenue from you to them, simply with the press of a button. Depending on how you design it, it can facilitate customer interactions, enable purchases to be made or give them a line of communication directly to your business.

Some of the ways in which a mobile app could assist your business include:

  • In-app payments, providing customers with convenient, simple payment options
  • Push notifications can engage with customers and retain their interest
  • Geolocation – allows you to keep track of your customers locations so that you can offer locational discounts or coupons to encourage them to visit.
  • A/B testing – test user preferences to inform your marketing strategy and tailor it to suit. Streamline what works and what does not with users of your app.

Still unsure about whether or not an app could be a tool you could use? Consider:

  • Your customer’s journey with your business, and analyse your communication to determine if an app would improve or simplify those interactions.
  • What you are looking to accomplish with the app and set clear goals that you want to meet with it.
  • Setting metrics related to your businesses’ goals for the app can measure success, such as how many customers sign up for push notifications or email newsletters.
  • Don’t overstrain your finances with the flashiest app created on the market – trial the cheapest version, and if it shows promise, build upon it as building blocks.

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